Fulfill Purchase

After a customer confirms a purchase, an API call with the user ID, product ID, and purchase token (unique identifier for a purchase) is made to your fulfill endpoint (configurable in the developer portal). The response must indicate whether the item was successfully delivered. Independently of the SDK, you will be interacting with FulfillPurchaseRequest and FulfillPurchaseResponse.


Field Description
operation The name of the operation. Always Purchase for purchases.
reason An enumerated value explaining why the message was passed. Always FULFILL for purchases.
productId The third party product code for the item that is fulfilled. This is provided to Amazon when the item is ingested.
userId The customer ID (provided to Amazon in the Link response) that identifies which user to deliver the item to. This is the same ID that you will return in the GetUserId call.
purchaseToken Unique identifier for the transaction. It is a requirement to store this to maintain state. Getting an identical purchaseToken in a fulfill message should be ignored if already processed. The same purchase token will be sent in a revoke message as the original corresponding fulfill message


Field Description
response Valid response codes are:
FAIL_USER_NOT_ELIGIBLE (User is not eligible to purchase the item due to eligibility rules)
FAIL_USER_INVALID (User Id set was invalid)
FAIL_OTHER (Catch all Error code)