Shutdown, Reboot, Sleep and Wake Up PCs and Macs from Your Phone or Watch


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Off makes it easy to turn off or restart any computer on your network from your iPhone / iPad.

With Off you’ll be able to save money on your electricity because it’ll be effortless to shut down your power hungry machines. If you stream media from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, Off is invaluable as it allows you to fix problems by restarting without even getting up. You can set your computer to shut down in an hour if you’re watching something in bed and don’t want your computer to be left on all night.

Off iOS app running on three iPhones, the center on is showing the computers discovered on the network

Off requires the free Off application to be installed on any computer you wish to turn off.

Off currently works with Windows 7 and up as well as macOS.

Off works with Apple’s Bonjour, this is part of macOS and installed along with many apps on Windows. If you don’t have it installed you will be directed to a link to download Bonjour during the installation process.


Tiny Timmy ★★★★★
Great app !!!

Great ★★★
Took about a minute to download and worked better than all the other apps similar to this, to get 5 stars needs more options like-log off and sleep but otherwise good

Thank you ★★★★★
Nice and thanks a lot for this, i now can listen to music and auto turn my pc off from it!


If you need any help using Off please check out the help guide